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Christian Author’s Podcast

The stories behind the scenes, real experiences of real people whose books are impacting lives in their generation. Established and upcoming authors, we bring them all on this show

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The Vision behind the Christian Author’s Podcast

We have a dream; there are goals and reasons behind every show and story we tell. What should you expect from listening to us?

Listen and Connect

Everyone has got a favorite author; but what if we introduce you to upcoming Kingdom pacesetters you have never heard of? This is what we do

Ablaze and Growth

Read their books, get ablaze for God and be a all-round balanced Christian by listening to your favorites recount their stories

Chat and Learn

Learning never ends, even in the Kingdom. Get a message across to your favorite author on this show; and be ready for a life-changing experience

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What do we discuss?

We tell the stories behind the scenes

The Author and His Book


The Author and Writing Journey


The Author and Relationship


Tips for Upcoming Authors


What Our Listeners are Saying

The peace I felt listening to this podcast was immense. The music and the sound of Jaachi’s voice was just so soothing.
I’m a fan of all the voices recorded here. Well done to the interview team lead, you’re doing a great job.

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Podcast FanDavid Victor

In fact, I have already benefited from this interview. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward to reading your next informative work

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Great BenefitMichael Adzato

I loved this whole interview. What really stuck with me is Renewing the Mind and how we follow God’s leading on how to do that in our own lives.

Awesome InterviewTeresa

So wonderful to hear the why behind each author’s story and what inspired them. This sounds like a great book and l love butterflies. 

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Loved the AuthorAva James

You never experience the beauty of the deep waters until you step into the deep. I’m really inspired by this quote. Thank you Daachiever for this amazing interview, I feel so blessed and motivated.

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Blessed listeningEunice Olukoya

Wow! I’m blessed and encouraged to keep writing. Thank you for this amazing and insightful interview.

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Life ChangerOnifade Joy

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