Waiting to be Wanted: An Interview with Cheryl Shumake – Episode 07

Waiting to be Wanted: An Interview with Cheryl Shumake
In this episode, Cheryl Shumake shares with our audience her journey towards overcoming cancer, dealing with COVID, and starting out her business in 2020. This episode is so refreshing, Cherly shares her story about the waiting season, and how God's word is always there to reassure her, even in the dark moments. Are you in the waiting season, then this podcast is one you should listen to?

An Interview with Jennifer Elwood Weber- Episode 06

An Interview with Jennifer Elwood Weber Episode 06
As we prepare for the festive season, despite the pandemic, how do we make room for more of Jesus this Christmas? On today's episode of the podcast, we interviewed Jennifer Elwood as she delves deeper into her recently published book: Counting up to Christmas- 24 lessons from Luke.

An Interview with James Iroro- Episode 05

In this episode with James Iroro, the Author of the Book On Eagle’s wings and Diversion shares with us his thoughts and journey to becoming a writer and author. His Book, Diversion cast the limelight on the damaging effect of…

An Interview with Ella Obans- Episode 03

In this episode, Ella Obans shares her story with managing her emotions, with valuable tips for Christians on managing our emotions and then embracing our personality. We shouldn’t let our past hold us down, but know we are in control,…

An Interview with Clarence Arute- Episode 02

In collaboration with the Essence Challenge, 2020, we are privileged to bring to your comfort an interview with Clarence Arute. She speaks openly about the common misconceptions about marriage and sexual purity. Haven written 2 books, Clarence has a lot…

An Interview with Stephanie Miller- Episode 01

The Christian Author Interview with Stephanie Miller on Daachiever Inc.
Join Stephaine Miller in this episode as she shares her own transformative process to becoming a writer. She loves butterflies, and it is of no coincidence, her first book is centered on butterflies; and how it can be likened to…